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The Game is Playing Your Kid: How to Unplug and Reconnect in the Digital Age

by Joe Dilley Ph.D.

In his book, Dr. Dilley describes how people search for ways to feel pleasure. To illustrate this, he uses the analogy of adults playing slot machines and children playing video games. A slot machine player intermittently receives a reward that keeps them playing even though in many cases they lose more than they win. Similarly, when a child continues playing a video game, they are rewarded (with gains). If they stop playing the game, their progress is lost, and their characters “die.” This produces a pressure on the child to continue playing.

Dr. Dilley recognize that the digital age is here and that we all rely on it for work and play. With humor and empathy, he shares his three-step process in helping your child "transition away from overuse of technology towards more responsible and mindful use”. The goal is helping your child unplug from devices and reconnect with their family.

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