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Educational Therapy

The Difference Between Educational Therapy and Tutoring

What is the difference between Educational Therapy and Tutoring?

An educational therapist has extensive training in learning disabilities and other forms of
learning difficulties. They have additional training in:

  • the psychology of learning disorders

  • assessment and interventions that address academic, social and emotional aspects that

impact learning.

Tutors generally focus on specific subject assistance. They are also skilled at:

  • time management

  • task completion

  • study skills

Tutors often work with clients alongside educational therapists. They are among the most
common allied professionals with whom educational therapist collaborates.

Parent, Marin County

"I am so glad we hired Louise when we did. We began going to Louise when my daughter was in 2nd grade and really struggling to read. Reading at home was fraught with tears and stress. Since then, Louise has given her the reading support and interventions she needs and helped guide us through the process to get her an IEP. For the past couple of years, Louise has supported her, advocated for her, and has helped my daughter become a more confident and fluent reader who can now enjoy the pleasure of reading." 

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