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Educational Therapist

I have worked as a resource specialist in public and private schools in the Bay Area but more recently as a learning specialist at College of Marin. 

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I have been an educational therapist in the Bay Area for over two decades and have been a consultant to public, private, and parochial schools. I provide individualized instruction for students of all ages in reading, spelling, written language, and content area subjects such as English, history and science. 

Many of my students are dyslexic or have other learning challenges in reading, spelling, and written language. I use a remediation program that has been very successful, and use a combination of programs for reading fluency, comprehension, and written language. For older students, I help build skills in organization, study, and test-taking.


I also do diagnostic testing for learning disabilities and related difficulties, in conjunction with a licensed psychologist. In addition to my private practice, I have worked for several years as a learning specialist at College of Marin. I am a professional member of the Association of Educational Therapists and serve as the program representative for the Bay Area.


California Learning Specialist Credential K – 12th grade

Community College Credential


Certified to Assess Learning Disabilities -

California Community Colleges



Association of Educational Therapists

Learning Disability Association

Marin Educators in Private Practice


Post Graduate course work in the administration and interpretation of the WJ-IV and WAIS-IV to determine Learning Disabilities


"I am so glad we hired Louise when we did. We began going to Louise when my daughter was in 2nd grade and really struggling to read. Reading at home was fraught with tears and stress. Since then, Louise has given her the reading support and interventions she needs and helped guide us through the process to get her an IEP. For the past couple of years, Louise has supported her, advocated for her, and has helped my daughter become a more confident and fluent reader who can now enjoy the pleasure of reading." 

Parent, Marin County

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